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     We are Kids Becoming Stewards (KBS) Private School, a bible-based private elementary school located in The Woodlands, TX north of I-45. 
     We are an intentionally small school, focusing on curriculum, character, and community as we train students to be great stewards and educational leaders through biblical principles. At KBS, partnership with families is the backbone of our mission. Students study Scriptures, read great books, and discover the wonders of God’s creation through math and science at a beautiful facility at Grogans Mill.
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At KBS Kids...
We believe we are all God's stewards. We receive God's gifts gratefully, cultivate them responsibly, share them lovingly with others, and return them with increase.

We combine faith, character, education, and values. Education on our campus is not only acquisition of foundational concepts, and skills, but also the adoption of good habits and immersion in a culture which values both learning and faith.

Located inside: 
10210 Grogan's Mill

M. Pickard w/ Ron Clark of Ron Clark Academy 

We want to partner with parents as they serve God in training up their children. We desire a student body that is culturally diverse. We are not seeking an elite group of students, rather, we are seeking like-minded families whose children want to learn.

Meet KBS 
Founder & Director: 
Marta Pickard, M.Ed.
Award-Winning Educator
Doctoral Candidate 
Baylor University

Our private community allows families to interact with each other. It is also a wonderful way to get to know other families, to share questions, our joys, and our wins!
We use research based core curriculum tools for academic subjects such as Math, Reading, English Language Arts, and Science.

Outside of our facilities at
10210 Grogans Mill

Sensory, Nature, Arts, Social-, Emotional, Play and Passion Based Projects happen here. Students have access a library of amazing, hands on activities to keep them engaged and learning. We also pride ourselves on offering an inclusive, diverse, and social justice learning in our curriculum. 
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